Operating Procedures
The Rhodes Academy of Dance
(During COVID-19 Pandemic)

Due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic and the UK Government implementation of safety measures, our studio procedures have changed until further notice.

Subject to the below, dancer(s) will be permitted to use the dance studio/hall under certain conditions which have been put in place with the safety of dancers, teachers and parents/families in mind.


Health Management, Hygiene & Cleaning
Basic Hygiene procedures

Regular hand washing
• Hand sanitizer must be used before entering and on leaving the studio (hand
sanitizer stations are located outside all studios)
• Bathrooms will have hand soap, paper towels and a touch-free bin. Hands
must be washed for 20 seconds after using the toilet
• Teachers to wash hands and sanitize before and after each class

• Ensure a tissue or a flexed elbow covers coughs & sneezes – there will be a
touch free ‘tissue’ bin placed in all studios for tissues ONLY
• Encourage dancers to speak up if they or a teacher is feeling unwell
• A record will be kept of all teachers & students in the building – for the
purposes of identifying close contact with infected persons in the event
of an outbreak of COVID-19

• The studios will be cleaned between classes and at the beginning and end of
each day
• Door handles and the Barre will be wiped down with anti bacterial wipes
before and after each use
• Bins to be emptied that contain used tissues from each class, using
disposable gloves into a central lidded bin that will be cleared at the end
of each day
• Staff will be encouraged to regularly clean their own personal equipment
including mobile phones, IPads and computers

Operating procedures
Parents & other visitors must not enter the building (Exception of children under the age of 5 years shown below)

Entering and exiting the building
• Parents to drop off children at the building entrance (using appropriate social
distancing space) – internal areas will not be available for waiting
• Clear drop off and collection procedures will be put in place and
communicated. These will be emailed for different locations of the school
Students must not arrive early and must wait outside the building until
instruction has been given that it is safe to enter
• Following the class, students will be safely returned to the entrance of the
building for collection. Where possible please avoid being late
• There will not be any parent observation of classes

EXCEPTION: Children under the age of 5 years
• 1 parent is able to accompany their child (no siblings allowed) into the
building and remain on site whilst their child is dancing
• You will need to follow the other procedures and make sure that ALL shoes
are removed and hands are sanitised. No food or drink to be brought into
the building and all rubbish taken away with you
Parents must wear a suitable facemask that covers both the nose and mouth
whilst waiting in the building

PPE Masks
• Any dancer over the age of 11 years must wear a face mask when moving
around the building – these do not have to be worn in the studio,
however, if you would prefer to wear a mask whilst dancing you are more
than welcome to
Students should arrive and leave dressed and ready for class in their dance clothes
• Any tasks that can be done at home should be (eg hair, dancewear etc)
• Dancers should NOT wear ANY dance shoes outside of the building. Outdoor
shoes should be taken off and left outside of the studio. Dance shoes
should be put on immediately before entering the studio and removed
immediately after class
• Footwear must be worn for all classes and ‘bare’ foot is not allowed
• For classes that normally are bare footed please wear any of the following;
Bloch official dance socks, Yoga/Pilates socks, Childrens’ non-slip socks or
trampoline socks

Essential items ONLY
• Water bottles are discouraged except in very hot temperatures or classes of
long duration
• Props will not be used
• Any personal items left at the studio will be disposed of immediately. Lost
property will not be available during COVID-19
• No eating of food or drinks other than water will be allowed on site
• Do not put ANY of your personal rubbish in any bins
• Please do not bring anything into the building – school bags, additional
clothing – a cross over cardigan or a tight top can be worn if dancers are

Please make sure that all of the above is read and understood to your children so that we can keep everyone safe and dancing.

All users of the ‘The Rhodes Academy of Dance’ must strictly follow the above
without exception and failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the
building. Please ensure that any users of the school are advised of the above (for example – Grandparents, Dads, child minders, guardians).